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V groove
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V groove,雕刻刀,铝用刀

编号 全角 半角 刃径 刃宽 B1 刃长 柄径 总长
Part-No. a a1 D1 D B d L
VG1/4x90 90° 45° 0.090 1/2" 13/64 3/8" 1/4"
VG1/2x90 90° 45° 0.090 1/2" 13/64 3/8" 1/2"
VG1/4x108 108° 36° 0.090 1/2" 5/32 3/8" 1/4"
VG1/4x135 135° 22.5° 0.080 23/32" 9/64 1/2" 1/4" 2-1/4°
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The company is specialized in the production and wholesale tool ; due to the different sizes of tool types , the customer at the time of purchase to be explained to the owner purchased the tool type and size ; desired product in good time and then confirm purchase orders , quantity excellent price. We produce tools are imported and the good material , as well as to improve the life of the product , it may price a little high , ask the customer to forgive me. If you purchased the company's products, please complete the payment before six in the evening , we will arrange delivery immediately after your payment , to ensure that you can receive the goods soon . More than 12 hours non-payment buyer , the seller can close the transaction ; special circumstances , you can contact the seller coordination.

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Call our telephone order ; National Free Order Hotline:400-6567972.

ICBC China Dongpu Branch

Account number:6222003602102432410
Name: Wang Haisheng

Dongpu Branch of Agricultural Bank of China

Account number:6228480081402361414
Name: Wang Haisheng

China Construction Bank

Account number:6227003324330194733
Name: Wang Haisheng

Guangdong province 10 yuan ( except SF ) , the major domestic cities SF Express 20 yuan , 18 yuan a whole Sinotrans ( both to faster time ); EMS courier 25 yuan !
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